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Julia Mitchell

I grew up in a family of artists, and had access to Japanese prints, art making materials and plenty of art books throughout my childhood on Martha’s Vineyard, which is again my home.


During high school, I met my mentor Edith Reckendorf, who taught me weaving, Art History and design, which combined to form my life-long love of tapestry.


We all intuitively gravitate toward a medium which exemplifies the qualities we seek in our lives. My favorite artists—the Paleolithic cave painters, Chagall, Hiroshige, Anni Albers, Agnes Martin—share the qualities of simplicity and purity of form which I strive for in my work.


I regard my design and weaving not as separate processes but as inspirations for one another, and follow the lead of my materials rather than forcing them into preconceived imagery. In other words, I more or less let the tapestries weave themselves.

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