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Joni is the owner of NOA Gallery and the heart and soul of our School. A lifelong artist educated at Worcester State University, Joni works in watercolor and pastel and is known for her luscious watercolors of fruits and vegetables, vibrant florals and luminous pastel landscapes. Her open and supportive teaching style creates a haven for students in the classroom--a place of dynamic exploration and a safe, nurturing environment for developing confidence in artistic expression.


Alexia is a mixed media artist, teaching drawing and painting at NOA and digital art, visual studies and graphic design at the Sharon Arts Center in Peterborough, MA. Alexia has a BA in Art History from Williams College and an MA in Visual Media Arts from Emerson College. Her teaching emphasizes the academic fundamentals of drawing, composition and design, value and color observations, color theory and perspective, while introducing students to past and contemporary artists for guidance and inspiration. Her goal is to guide her students to mastering their tools while encouraging them to find their own subjects, style and voice.
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Claudia is the inventor of the Mirrix tapestry and bead looms, and a talented weaver and jewelry artist. From her home in rural New Hampshire, she runs Mirrix Tapestry and Bead Looms, Ltd. with her daughter Elena, and travels around the country to teach bead weaving and the use of her outstanding portable, lightweight looms. Mirrix products are sold in many bead and fiber shops in the U.S., Canada, France and the UK; we are proud to be a Mirrix retailer and to carry Claudia's earthy, sparkly, richly colored jewelry.
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Joelle teaches adult students of all levels the techniques of using hard and soft pastels on a variety of papers, using underpainting techniques to establish composition, and layering to achieve velvety, rich coloring. Her pastel paintings of fruits and vegetables are luscious; students are always excited to work with her in the classroom.
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