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ThoughtRoads - Teams That Learn Meetings
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ThoughtRoads, a subsidiary of NOA Gallery, is managed by Patrick Parker-Roach, an international speaker and management consultant whose presentation skills were honed during four years working in Digital Equipment Corporation’s European Customer Centre in the South of France where he designed and delivered events for European business executives and consulted in their leveraging of emerging technologies.

​People don’t mind change as much as they mind being changed.
Pat’s Theory of Change

​Implementing the outcomes of meetings, at some level or another, involve instituting change. Pat’s approach to meeting design is to involve the people closest where the change will occur in its design. Even if solutions to problems are obvious, he does not provide answers. Rather, he guides people though the solving of their own problems greatly improving the chances of successful implementation.

He calls this his Sherpa Guide approach to meeting facilitation.
He does the planning, logistics, and carries the packs, but
​the ownership of the ascent lies with the participants!

There are two subtle but powerful attentions to this approach; the foreground focus is concerned with solving the issues at hand--Meetings That Work—while the background focus is concerned with leaving participants with the softer skills leading to--Teams That Learn.

The Foreground Focus
Creating Meetings That Work​​

Pat has a deep toolkit to pull from in guiding people through the myriad problems that arise in organizations: strategic planning, business process design and modeling, brainstorming, After Action Reviews, Stakeholder Analysis, Design Principles Development, Root Cause and Consequence Analysis, Visioning, Implementation Planning, World Café, Open Space, Team Building Games, Wall Charting and Graphic Recording, Problem Identification and Analysis, etc. These proven tools solve problems in ways that create ownership and commitment to successful implementation.

The Background Focus
Creating Teams That Learn​

The byproducts of the Sherpa Guide approach are many. Participants are learning management, business and leadership skills without even knowing it by being guided though techniques in the context of their own problems. Perhaps more important than learning the techniques, are some of the softer byproducts: trust, teamwork, development of shared language and understanding of their issues, dialogue and communication skills—in other words—they embark upon the road to a learning organization.

​Pat was invited to become a founding member of the Society for Organizational Learning and has been a consultant in the following organizations:

  • Cleveland Public Power - Corporate Reinvention

  • McDonnell Douglas Corp – Space Station Proposal Team

  • AGIP Oil (Milano, Italy) - Oil Exploration

  • Intel - Merge Help Desks into Integrated Call Center

  • National Security Agency - Leadership Development

  • National Institute for Corrections - Leadership Dev

  • United Postal Service - Cross Departmental Planning

  • Bausch & Lomb - Call Center Integration

  • First Data Resources - Cross Functional Process Modeling

  • NASA - Executive Process (Re)Engineering Training

  • Fiat (Torino, Italy) - Expert Systems Support

  • General Foods - Creative Flavor Expert Systems Development

  • Union Bank of Switzerland (Zurich, Switzerland) - Data Center Operations Monitoring and Management

  • General Dynamics (Convair Division) - Office Automation

  • Mississippi Chemical Corp - Executive Development

  • Canadian Department of Justice and Treasury Department - Retreat

  • Groton Conservation Trust - Strategic Planning

  • Worcester County Food Bank - Strategic Planning - Partner Development

  • Lawrence Academy - Development Team Buillding

  • Colorado Forum on Community and Restorative Justice - Strategic Planning

  • North Carolina Department of Crime Prevention - Executive Team Development

  • Raytheon Air Traffic Management Division - Team Building

  • The Dalton School - Executive Team Development

  • Floyd County Virginia Community Dialogue Project - Cultural Integration Project

  • Alternatives to Violence Project - Strategic Planning