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Mirrix Looms



The BEST Portable Weaving Looms


Mirrix Tapestry and Bead Looms is a loom manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. Whether you are a beginning weaver purchasing your first loom or a seasoned artist ending the search for the perfect portable loom, you will be thrilled with their precision and ease of use. At Mirrix Looms we don't just make looms, we weave on them too. We ensure that every piece of equipment we design and manufacture is engineered to accomplish its single task: to allow its user to easily create a professional piece of artwork.

Purchasing a Mirrix Loom is not simply buying a product, it's buying an experience and joining a community. NOA Gallery is proud to be a retailer and weaving instruction location for Mirrix!

Claudia and her daughter Elena feature an outstanding blog connected to their website. If you're interested in weaving, you absolutely must check this out--it's full of clear pictures, demos, patterns, information and inspiration.

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