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NOA School of Fine Art

Children's Classes and Camps


Joni Parker-Roach is dedicated to giving students an outlet for creative expression and instruction in various media. Mediums include drawing, painting, clay, fiber, printmaking, Sculpey, found object sculpture, Zentangle and lots more! Offered Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. Accepting new students ongoing throughout the term, maximum 6 students per class. Please contact gallery for more information.

Vacation Arts Mashup
at Groton Hill Music Center

NOA will be teaching the visual arts portion of this mashup. Other components of the mashup will be music, dance, visual arts, production, and coding to build creative foundations in an inspirational 5-day camp for ages 6-10! 

Adult Classes


Alexia Rosoff Wilber teaches drawing foundation skills and the basis of academic art methods and art history in this ongoing course for adults. Perfect for establishing the drawing and composition skills to enhance your work in other media, and to develop the lifelong habit of seeing the world as an artist. Dedicated teen artists are occasionally accepted into this class. Please contact gallery for more information.


All new watercolor students are required to schedule three Intro to Watercolor classes, to learn 12 watercolor techniques and basics of color theory and composition, using Suzanne Binnie's introductory lesson plans. Students then join the ongoing watercolor classes.  


Virtual ZOOM classes also available. Please contact gallery for more information.


Joni Parker-Roach will teach more advanced techniques for those who have completed the beginner course in watercolor. We will use a limited palette and deal with color mixing and color theory – no more wasting paint and muddy pictures! Whether or not you can draw, you will enjoy the class because tracings and light boxes will be available to allow you to quickly get into the painting. Subject matter will be varied and dependent on the student group, and images to work from will be supplied by the instructor. The classes will explore color theory, design, texture, format, and composition and you will quickly learn how to produce finished paintings in this wonderful medium. Offered Tuesdays, 2:00pm- 4:00 pm. Maximum 6 students. Virtual ZOOM classes also available. Please contact gallery for more information.


The pastel class with Joelle Feldman starts with an introduction to materials. We will explore and experiment with a variety of pastel painting surfaces using different grades and brands of pastel sticks, focusing on texture and learning basic techniques of composition, color, drawing an outline and applying an underpainting, and gradually building pastel layers. Please contact gallery for more information.


Don't be intimidated by this versatile medium! The tradition of oil painting is long and storied, and it continues to be considered the pinnacle of artistic mediums. Alexia Rosoff Wilber will take students through the methods of the Old Masters, glazes and layering, color theory, oil sketching on paper and alla prima painting. Special focus will be given to non-toxic oil painting mediums such as spike lavender and walnut oils. This class may be combined with acrylic painting in order to accommodate interest. Please contact gallery for more information. 


We have a rotating offering of workshops in various mediums, including plein air painting, Zentangle, weaving on Mirrix looms, field trips and holistic living. We're always updating the schedule for workshops and field trips, so please contact us for more information at

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