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Don Bullens

Don Bullens picked up a camera and found he could get backstage at concerts with his Nikon and some flimsy press credentials. That got him some great images of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead and other rock icons. He designed his own darkroom and spent a decade experimenting with black and white photography. His work included public relations assignments, wedding photography, and multi-media presentations Initially reluctant to move to digital photography, he followed the advancements in the medium and became a convert. He spent years exploring the distinctive wildlife and panoramic vistas of the Florida Keys. He photographs the storms and seasons of New England and its flowers, ferns, bees and butterflies. Don’s international portfolio includes photographs of Ireland and Scotland, Italy and Russia. Most recently he has focused on the architecture and street life of Rome and Barcelona. Don’s work has been exhibited at the Redbone Gallery, Islamorada, Florida. A Bob Marley photo has been on display at the Unforgettable Reggae”

Exhibit in the Alba Adriatic in Abruzzi, Italy. Photographs of Bruce Springsteen have been published in the book, For You, by Lawrence Kirsch (2007). He designed and photographed the cover for What Would Chekhov Do? Exercising Your Way to Fame and Fiction, by John Dufresne (2012). His work earns awards and recognition on internet photography sites. Don has taught digital photography and visual literacy at Worcester State University for the past 35 years. He reminds his students, “The best photographer will never be as good as the simplest camera.”

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